Singer-songwriter, writer, actress, comedian, and painter, the charismatic Natalia Lugo was born on April 24th, 1991 in the state of New Hampshire. Both of her parents are from Puerto Rico, where she was raised. Lugo’s mother passed away from Leukemia when she was six and even though music would never replace her absence, music became Natalia’s shelter. Lugo developed an interest in music at a very young age. Her father is a musician and she would watch him play guitar and sing. It wasn’t long until she began to join him in family activities. He surprised her with her first guitar for her birthday and it became her loyal companion from the age of 13. With this guitar, she wrote her first songs. Her debut as a musician was in a local band, where she had the opportunity to perform around her town. 


Natalia studied music at La Escuela Libre de Música y Bellas Artes in Ponce, PR. There she took musical theory, cello, singing, and acting classes. She participated in various plays, short films, movies, and improv. When she graduated high school, she enrolled in Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Rio Piedras for Communications Studies focused on Audiovisuals for Film and TV. Her experiences in life, love, and faith gave her the drive to pursue her dreams in the artistic realm. She decided to follow a career doing what she loved most, music.


At age 19, she began working on local restaurants as a waitress and bartender to be able to cost her first album. She uploaded a viral video in March 2013 that helped her get noticed in

Puerto Rico. She began exploring the comedy side that led her to gain a following

of over 200k in all her social media platforms. This opened doors for Lugo in 

traditional media, participating on local TV shows, radio, movies, theatre,

concerts and more.


Fuera del Marco (Out of Frame) is her first album.
Available now on all music platforms.


Social Media domain: @nataliavlugo